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16/01/2017 6:31 am  

Last week was the 1st MNF at Expo. We played some pickup games and talked about the new space, exchanged ideas, and enjoyed some nice beers & good company.

Tonight is a holiday so Expo will be closed. Next event is this Friday

Lots of changes have been made to local foosball here: The new location is as central as it gets. It's clean & upscale, has 5 locally owned restaurants and one bar. The tables are playing great. I added rod guards to protect younger players, especially, since Expo is an all-ages space.

Thanks Spirit Molice! You can pick up a set at

Next addition will be custom LED, table-mounted lights.

This is all gearing up for the 1st official tournament here. Fri., Jan. 20th @6:30pm for new players, then an open DYP @8:30pm.

Drink specials/Labatt Blue party during the Sabres game, then a chance to win Sabres tickets.

Stick around for Salsa night @10pm where there'll be a good crowd!

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